A Prophecy for Easter Sunday, April 16, 2017

Last summer I put up a video that talked about my spiritual conversion and my experiences in Medjugorje. The video also included a confession: I saw Jesus in Medjugorje. I still see Him every day and have so for sixteen years—ever since I made that pilgrimage to Medjugorje. This is something that I have not shared very much—and for a very good reason: people who speak to Jesus are generally crazy. If there is ever a convention of visionaries and prophets, I admit, I would be sure to miss it. The truth is I probably never would have mentioned these events at all except for one problem. Jesus gave me a message to share. Actually, it’s more like a prophecy. I delivered this prophecy last year on April 16th. So why am I mentioning all of this again? It’s because the prophecy concerns events that have not yet happened, and I am supposed to warn all of you.

The trouble is that the message is not very clear. It includes dates and numbers. One of these mysterious dates is April 16th. The reason that I posted the prophecy on April 16th was because I believed that part of the prophecy included a prediction of a terrible event occurring on that day. And such an event did occur last year—the 7.8 Ecuador earthquake. I mentioned all of this in a later blog post here.

So why I am I bringing all of this up again? It’s because a lady contacted me who saw my YouTube video (see link above), and she asked me whether the part of the prophecy that mentions April 16th might pertain to this year. The short and quick answer is that yes, it may pertain to this year also—or even some other April 16th—or no April 16th whatsoever.

Prophecies can be tricky, as anyone who is familiar with Biblical prophecy should understand. “666”—what does that mean? A common reading of the New Testament says that the Apostles misunderstood Jesus’ prophecies about his eventual return to earth. According to this interpretation, the Apostles mistakenly thought that it would take place in their lifetime, or at least in the lifetime of Apostle John. Here is what we can glean from these examples—that prophecy is one thing; the interpretation of them, very much another.

We see this important distinction made quite explicit in the Book of Daniel. One of Daniel’s special gifts is the ability to accurately interpret the prophetic dreams of other people. We also see this in the story of Joseph in Genesis.

The reason I am going to the trouble to explain this important distinction is because if we don’t keep it clear in our minds, we will make the mistake of confusing erroneous interpretations with false prophecies. They are not the same thing. The Bible is quite clear that it is possible to make an incorrect interpretation of a nevertheless quite real and authentic prophecy. I mean, how many umpteen thousands of times has the Biblical prophecy of the end of the world been misinterpreted? So should we conclude that the prophecy is false because somebody gave a false interpretation? Of course not!

To bring this back to my own prophetic message, I am fully confident that the prophecy is authentic. This is because it has already successfully predicted September 11th , as I explain in my video (see link above). But I am much less confident in interpretations. And one very murky area concerns the meaning of April 16th. It would seem to be quite important to decipher its meaning since we get at least one of them per year. And we have another one in just a few days—this one occurring on Easter Sunday. And I think because this one is so special, it has been weighing heavily on my mind—especially since the bombings of two Coptic churches in Egypt on Palm Sunday.

So, inspired by this woman’s inquiry, I am going to attempt some sort of analysis of the meaning of April 16th in the prophecy that I received. Here is the first thing to understand. April 16th is not the main part of the prophecy. The main part that describes the actual events of the prophecy can be found in Ezekiel, chapter 5. Here it is:


[T]hus says the Lord GOD: Behold, I, even I, am against you; and I will execute judgments in the midst of you in the sight of the nations. 9And because of all your abominations I will do with you what I have never yet done, and the like of which I will never do again. 10Therefore fathers shall eat their sons in the midst of you, and sons shall eat their fathers; and I will execute judgments on you, and any of you who survive I will scatter to all the winds. 11Wherefore, as I live, says the Lord GOD, surely, because you have defiled my sanctuary with all your detestable things and with all your abominations, therefore I will cut you down; q my eye will not spare, and I will have no pity. 12A third part of you shall die of pestilence and be consumed with famine in the midst of you; a third part shall fall by the sword round about you; and a third part I will scatter to all the winds and will unsheathe the sword after them.13 “Thus shall my anger spend itself, and I will vent my fury upon them and satisfy myself; and they shall know that I, the LORD, have spoken in my jealousy, when I spend my fury upon them. 14Moreover I will make you a desolation and an object of reproach among the nations round about you and in the sight of all that pass by. 15You shall be r a reproach and a taunt, a warning and a horror, to the nations round about you, when I execute judgments on you in anger and fury, and with furious chastisements—I, the LORD, have spoken— 16when I loose against you  my deadly arrows of famine, arrows for destruction, which I will loose to destroy you, and when I bring more and more famine upon you, and break your staff of bread. 17I will send famine and wild beasts against you, and they will rob you of your children; pestilence and blood shall pass through you; and I will bring the sword upon you. I, the LORD, have spoken.” (RSV)

Now let’s focus on the highlighted parts. A third of some population will die of “pestilence.” Is that likely to occur in a single day? No. Thus, we can safely conclude that April 16th is not the day for the fulfillment of the prophecy because this prophecy cannot be fulfilled in a single day. This prophecy covers a much longer time frame.

Might some part of the prophecy occur on some April 16th or other? Certainly. This may in fact be the significance of April 16th. Is it necessary that all events of the prophecy occur only on April 16ths? Absolutely not. The first event of this prophecy took place on Sept. 11, 2001.

Can this be the only meaning of April 16th, namely, that it is a day when some divine chastisement occurs? No, there can be other meanings too. For example, the Lord revealed that the numbers can be moved around to create another significant date: June 14th (6-14). What is the significance of 6-14? I don’t know. I know that it is Flag Day for the United States. Is it possible that 4-16 or 6-14 is telling us that the location of the chastisement is the United States? This is a definite possibility since the disaster of 9-11 occurred in New York.

On this “Flag-Day” interpretation of the date, does this mean that the chastisements will  occur only in the United States? This seems to be obviously false. “Pestilence” is more common in other countries right now. And terrorism is everywhere. Could it mean that the United States, although perhaps not the exclusive target of the prophecy, nevertheless, represents a major target or epicenter? Yes, that is definitely possible. I speculate in my book whether the United States may in fact be the apocalyptic Babylon described in Revelation.

Are there other possible meanings of April 16th? Yes. It is Pope Benedict’s birthday for one thing. That could be significant in that it is not often the Church has two living popes. April 16th is also the day on which St. Faustina was canonized in 2000. This I think is definitely relevant to the prophecy of chastisement. St. Faustina is the Polish nun who introduced the Divine Mercy image and devotion into the Church. If the chastisements in Ezekiel accurately describe our future, many innocent people are going to die. It is likely that our Lord wants people to be reminded of His mercy in such a time of trial. The innocent may indeed suffer and die on a large scale, but what awaits them is a merciful judgment. Not so, the wicked.

So what then should we think about this Easter Sunday, April 16, 2017? I don’t really know. I was given a message about a terrible catastrophe occurring on April 16th just last year. But I thought that the Ecuador earthquake fulfilled that.

It is certainly part of this prophetic message that we not know all the details. For He is not giving us this message to help us escape the punishment. He is telling us there is no escape. God is telling us that we are being punished for our sins. Since we know this beforehand, we can prepare ourselves for a holy death through repentance. Although it may be too late to save our lives—it is not too late to save our souls through repentance. Perhaps this is God’s message. Certainly it is.

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